♡ New beginnings ♡

The times are a changin here at Amilita!
It all started with a film night at my dear friend Chantel from Goddess of Babylon’s house. For anyone who hasn’t seen it I strongly advise you to watch ‘The true Cost’ http://truecostmovie.com/.
I was about 20weeks pregnant at the time with my first child and I left her house appalled, with a strong sense of dismay knowing that I cannot contribute to this industry anymore. I was now responsible for the little being growing in my belly and I was left questioning “is this the world I want her to grow up in”? “Could I live with myself if I contributed to destroying her world”? Of course not!

I’ve always loved to make clothes. I’ve tried a few careers, but always come back to my passion for the creative process behind designing clothes. So instead of giving up on this passion of mine I decided to combine it with another passion and consciously change those things in the industry that just weren’t sitting right with me. I plan to document these changes here, open up a conscious conversation and of course still continue to use our blog as and platform for all that is inspiring to us.

Photo Cred : Dana Trippe http://danatrippe.com/

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