Hello Winter!

And Winter has now arrived... 
 The long await for our latest collection to arrive has come! 

Here it is.. say hello to our Winter 2013 range. 
Where you'll be taken for a ride into the travelling rock concert mvement of the 70's. Where clothes were loose and comfortable, the colours muted like the earth and it was all about layers of self expression. The use of organic tones brings our collection to a place where we encourage the wearer to step into their nature self, whilst mixing in a tough element of day warrior. 

Wear this range with leather, boots & studded bags, silver jewellery piled high and hair loose n' free. It's part rock-n-roll, part bohemian and part gypsy, all mixed into the signature Amilita style. 
Enjoy! x
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All pieces are available in store now. 
The complete range is available to buy at www.amilita.com 

 Photographer: David Hauserman - Pulp Studios | Model: Mia Forest  | Hair & Make-up: Nicole Imanuel