Find Yourself.. In our Salone..

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You know the feeling.. the air is hot, sticky and blamy... The sun blazes relentlessy... A haze of yellow cascades across the baron land as it dips into sunset... It's a long Australian summer in the country... and all you can wear are soft fabrics, that drape, cool and float on the body. Welcome to our 'Salone Del Sol', where you'll find yourself in our heatwaved heaven. 

 Photographer: David Hauserman - Pulp Studios | Styled by: Sara Afonso | Model: Jazmine Hikaka - Division Models  |  Hair & Make-up: Nicole Imanuel | Location: Murwillimbah

Jewellery by: Spell & the Gyspy Collective
Eyewear: Nick Campbell
Hat & Singlet: Thrills