Relocating and Restoring our Queenslander ⚘

Ive been a little tied up of late with a personal project of mine....

We bought her up at Yatala where she had been just sitting all by herself in a holding yard for quite some time. She didn't look that pretty but we were captivated by her charm and saw the vision of how we could love and restore her back to her original beauty. Meet Angliss our 1930s queenslander we have relocated down to northern NSW. 
It has been such a great project...and a steep learning curve! Lucky for me my husband is great on the tools and shares my love of Vintage, and also trying to be conscious with our footrint on the planet. 
Its still in its early stages, and I look forward to sharing more with you. But for now its head down in Amilita world as the new collection arrives end of the week!!

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