⟢ Run in the Shadows ⟣

amilita high summer 14 run in the shadows collection david hauserman photoshoot

Listen to the wind blow, watch the sun rise, Run in the Shadows, damn your love, damn your lies….

With a colour palette of a sun drenched beach, filled with love, we are inspired to leap over the rainbow and back in time to the 1970's. Where the vintage Über cool style resonates with our roots. We bring you our latest and much anticipated High Summer collection "Run in the Shadows."

Featuring the cool girl Annabelle H who fits into every sequence with sweet seduction.
Who's purity and innocence is hidden behind attitudes of adolescence and rebellion.
Captured by the rising talent David Hauserman on camera, together they have united in perfect splendour. 

A season filled with the prettiest of prints, the dreamiest of dresses and the sweetest lace imaginable we bring you summer our way...



Photographer - David Hauserman - www.davidhauserman.com - @davidhauserman
Model - Annabelle - www.busymodels.com - @annabelle_hh
Make up- Satya Schmitz - www.satyaschmitz.com.au - @satyaschmitzmakeup 
Styling- Marisa Sidoti - www.marisasidoti.com - @marisasidoti
Sunglasses - Nick Campbell Eyewear www.nc-eye.com

Opening line - Fleetwood Mac - The Chain

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