She Dwells Under the Forest Moon


She Dwells Under the Forest Moon 

Who's that girl ... the forest whispers as a new nymph takes her place inside it's enveloping aura. She's the girl who connects to the earth and the mother sky, she wears her hair loose, jewellery tells a tale of foreign lands and her wares are forever applied 'just so'.

A co-collaboration with styling team The Love Alliance She Dwells Under the Forest Moon is a portrait of Amilita, the environment in Byron Bay and an ode to the beauty of girls that reside in the area.

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Photographer: Bethany Ryles
Stylists: The Love Alliance | alipeach + Akira Garton
Accessories: Art+Vintage

Look 1: Viper Jeans
Look 2 & 3: Evie Dress
Look 4 & 5: Evie Dress
Look 6: Hendrix Jacket
Look 7 & 8: Vintage Tee and Mika Leggings
Look 9: Amilita Vintage Army Jacket and SS13 dress
Look 10: Amilita Vintage Tee

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