Summer Fade

Sybil Steele captures the devine Hanaleire Ponty in this stunning shoot 'Summer Fade', shot on the dreamy Byron Bay shores. Styled by the talented hands of Marisa Sidoti, this dream team created  what we believe to be one of the best of Hanaleire to date. A cool mix of ice blue tones and creamy whites sum up the wintery feeling that lends itself to our ocean side town.

Featuring the Amilita Hendrix Jacket and Black Kaya Cardigan ♡

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Model: Hanaleire Ponty
Photographer: Sybil Steele
Stylist: Marisa Sidoti
Make Up: Ashlea Penfolf
Hair: Wesley Mitton
Assistant: Kuny Takanami

Labels featured:
Goddess of Babylon
My Sunday Feeling
Fallen Broken Street

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