Get High on High Summer

 photo tumblr_mnhkpqL7Tk1r09f27o1_500.png  photo tumblr_mnj1v2YGBI1r09f27o1_1280.png  photo tumblr_mng6bixdL61r09f27o1_1280.png  photo tumblr_mn6bgqWw701r09f27o1_500.png  photo tumblr_mmyiodAYvc1r09f27o1_500.png  photo tumblr_mmyidmj1MS1r09f27o1_500.png  photo tumblr_mmts9dQ2sT1qkp34zo1_1280.png  photo planetbluecrochetbikini9.png  photo planetbluebaseballtee2.png  photo tumblr_mmuq72eQw31r09f27o1_500.png  photo tumblr_mm0wjs9E391r4m6u5o1_500.png  photo tumblr_mef05x1cqG1qder5oo1_500.png

A roll around the yesterdays of last week saw the Amilita team shooting our fabulous new High Summer Lookbook with the devine Tessa May. A rainbow mix of colours and prints, we thought we'd give you a sneak peak into the images that inspired us.. beach cool, crochet, layers and bright prints...
Launching in October 2013.. this is the highest summer we've done... keep your eyes peeled!

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